Quench provides web, mobile web development services, UX and UI services, advertising agency | design studio | corporate web development support and web hosting services. Quench develops sites that use the latest research, technology and best UX | UI practices to bring users the best overall experience. Whether a large content site with a lot of dynamic content and large back-end data collection or sites for mid-to-small sized businesses, Quench develops websites that will provide the best end-user experience on desktop, mobile web, web application or internal business application.


Users are inundated daily with websites, emails, applications, apps and mobile phones. Time for a user is at premium. Quench will develop an interface that will get your users to the end goal that your company wants, and in an efficient and pleasant experience for the user. This applies to websites for desktop / mobile web, web applications, credit card interfaces, touch interfaces and internal company applications

We work in the latest in HTML 5, CSS3, responsive coding supporting desktop to all mobile devices, parallax scrolling, javascript | jQuery coding and API (Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google Maps | Brightcove Video) interfacing in front-end development. We also have developed in a variety of back-end environments including PHP, CMS environments (WordPress | Drupal | DirectEdje | CVENT), JSP, .net, ASP and ASPX. Our developers are very comfortable working in the team environment with art directors, front-end developers and back-end developers. If in the large development team setting we are well-versed in version tracking check-ins and builds/deployment. QUENCH supports sites in Safari, Safari Mobile, Android Mobile, Chrome, Chrome Mobile, Firefox, Firefox Mobile, Opera and IE 11 – 8 on both Mac and PC platforms. Please contact us today to discuss what technologies are key to your project!


Sometimes it is hard to stay within the timeline of a site’s projected live date. Nearing the 0 hour your company may need to bring in additional resources to make that impossible deadline. Quench offers resources that work after 5pm and weekends to help your company hit the live date promised. Quench offers advertising agency and corporate web development support to keep your clients or management team happy!


Quench provides comprehensive web hosting services, support and competitive pricing. Our servers are very powerful and able handle the bandwidth of any site. Our servers sit at nearly or at 99% uptime. Our UNIX i686 architecture servers support the latest versions of Apache, mySQL, PHP, WordPress, Joomlia and Drupal versions. We will provide you with a dedicated service email address for your site, 24-hour support and monthly back-ups of your site.

Hosting Pricing

  • $12.95 per month
  • $110 per year
  • $220 for 2 years